User Experience

YouTube User Experiene Research Visioning Intern 

San Bruno, CA USA (May 2014-September 2014)

Led early stage visioning efforts on a new product at YouTube by collaborating with creative strategists, designers, and the product team to create a research plan that is balanced short-term tactical needs with long term strategic goals. Interviewed expert users and leveraged those insights to produce 20 design concepts and mocks in collaboration with designers. Tested mocks in follow on user studies. Synthesized key findings to build a framework, design principles, and short- and long-term product vision.

Google User Experience Research Intern

CA (May, 2013 – August 2013)

Performed usability studies on Google Chromecast to improve the out of box experience. Designed and conducted iterative user studies on Google Now TV Cards to define information needs and model user behavior. Developed design recommendations, presented those findings to the product team, directed product discussions, and assigned action items to address design recommendations

Adobe Creative Technology Labs Research Intern

WA (May, 2012 – August, 2012)

Performed user studies and surveys to explore the user experience and interaction design of technologies to support artistic creativity. Designed and built a web application aimed at teaching art skills and facilitating creative expression

Co-Creative AI Consulting

Independent research consultant, during which time I designed and implemented a web-based co-creative AI research platform called the AI Drawing Partner. Developed user personas and user journeys for interacting with the Drawing Partner system. Developed wireframes and mockups of the Drawing Partner system. Conducted quantitative analysis of co-creation using the platform. Collaborated on grant writing for co-creative AI system research. Designed user studies and experiments investigating co-creative AI in the domain of drawing.