AI Drawing Partner

AI Drawing Partner: Co-Creative Drawing Agent and Research Platform

The AI Drawing Partner utilizes machine learning to analyze the user’s line input and respond with a contribution of its own. It captures and models the interaction dynamics of co-creation using a cognitive theory I developed called Creative Sense-Making. For this project, I designed and implemented the interaction design and system design on my own using a mixed-method approach, including developing personas, user journeys, paper prototypes, and mockups. The Drawing Partner is a co-creative drawing agent that analyzes the user’s contribution, feedback, and instructions to produce a creative contribution on a shared canvas. The system is loosely turn-based, but the user can draw at the same time as the agent, which makes synchronous collaboration possible. The system is also a quantified co-creative AI system that quantifies and models co-creation based on the creative sense-making framework. The AI Drawing Partner is a publicly available web app

AI Drawing Partner Companion Analysis Apps

The AI Drawing Partner collects many pieces of data that can be used to compare between groups of individuals (e.g. novices compared to experts). The first companion app is the Drawing Partner Analysis app. It displays all the pieces of data collected between two groups and determines whether there are any statistical significantly differences between the two datasets. If significant differences are found, they are highlighted in the table. The second companion app is the Creative Sense-Making Analysis tool. The user inputs the CSM curves from one or multiple sessions, and they are visualized using stock market trend analysis to identify when participants are executing creative actions (red), waiting (yellow), or regulating the interaction (blue). 

AI Drawing Partner Analysis App

Creative Sense-Making Analysis App